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Your fishing charter captain and crew

With Serengeti, you're more than a client, you're a future friend who will treasure the memories of your Serengeti adventure, the fish you caught and the hospitality you experienced. Serengeti is a completely family owned and operated business, and because of this, we make sure you will have the trip of a lifetime! We offer service and fishing the big lodges and resorts can't, and at a fraction of the price.

For the past 30 years, Dave Summers has been known as one of the best fishing charter guides on the west coast of British Columbia.  Fishing out of Port Hardy on Northern Vancouver Island, Serengeti offers scenic, comfortable, and successful fishing charters. We run to bottomfish and salmon grounds few know about, and because of this, the fish are plentiful! Most importantly, we fill the boat with fish as well as smiles!  Both captains have all their Transport Canada requirements, so you are always in safe hands.  


Vancouver Island fishing charter Captain Dave Summers

One of your captains is Dave Summers, 63, who has been fishing north Vancouver Island waters for 40 years. He started as a guide 30 years ago and is now known to his clients and friends as the "fish whisperer" for his ability to find fish, especially halibut and salmon. His sense of humour and happy demeanour will make sure you have a blast on the water while filling the boat with fish. Dave has all his Transport Canada requirements, and industrial first aid.

Over the years, hundreds upon hundreds of clients and friends have been amazed by Dave's ability to figure out where the fish are biting.

David Summers Jr. appears to have inherited his dad's fish-finding skill. He started early, going on his first fishing trip with his parents at nine days old.

He is an indispensable part of Serengeti Fishing Charters, with his own knack for finding salmon and halibut. He guides out of the Ms Heather III and has one of the largest salmon guided to date out of Port Hardy with a Chinook salmon caught at 64LBS! In 2016 David once again guided to the largest Chinook (King) taken out of the Port Hardy area, guided or unguided. He has become well known on the north island for catching monster halibut as well, including a 260LB halibut in 2013, and two over 300lbs released in 2014, a guided RECORD out of Port Hardy.

David has his marine first aid, MED A2, and many other safety requirements, including his Limited Masters, a ticket which allows him to captain a vessel up to 60 tons.

Guiding anglers on a Vancouver Island fishing charter is David Summers
Vancouver Island fishing charter Captain Taylor Logan

Our newest member and guide of our 3rd boat is Taylor Logan. Taylor is an experienced angler not only on the west coast but in the Port Hardy area and just as passionate about fishing as Dave and David. He is also an avid hunter and steelhead fisherman and will share his hunting and fishing stories on the boat with you as well as want to hear yours. He is patient for new anglers and will be just as enthusiastic as you will be about any fish you catch. We are beyond thrilled to have him joining us for the 2016 season and know you will have a fishing trip of a lifetime with him! In 2016 Taylor guided to over 26 Tyees, a number that is almost certain not beat anywhere on the coast by a single guide!

Taylor has all his required Transport Canada certificates and first aid, so you are in safe hands!!


Known for her warm hospitality and extraordinary recipes, Heather Summers is the heart of Serengeti Charters. An avid angler and hunter, who has won fishing derbies and hunted with her husband and son, she has also developed extensive culinary skills.

You will have to ask for her seafood recipes before you leave, as no one knows how to cook fresh seafood like Heather.

Part of the all-inclusive fishing charter package is Heather Summer, hostess and expert cook


Vancouver Island fishing lodge dog Sophie

No lodge is complete without a pup to greet you at the front door after a long day fighting fish over and over again.  Sophie is our Golden Retriever and Heather's favourite child (David is a close second! Ha Ha). So even if you lost the monster on the water fishing, you'll be cheered up by Sophie back at the lodge. 

Heather may even give you a couple treats for her; she seems to gain a few pounds in the summer for whatever reason... 

We are a family run lodge and want to make sure even before you come you have met all of our family, including our furriest member. From our family to yours, we ensure we will do everything we can to make your trip the best of your lifetime!

The entire family has been active outdoor enthusiasts for many years and in many locations. They have hunted and fished around the globe, going to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, and throughout Europe, Canada and the United States.

Their combined talents make Serengeti Vancouver Island's premier fishing and wildlife tour charter company. For more information or to reserve a charter, please click here.

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