All-inclusive Port Hardy, Vancouver Island salmon & halibut fishing charters, wildlife & whale watching tours

whale watching and sight seeing

See dolphins play during your all-inclusive charter whale-watching, wildlife-viewing tour of Vancouver Island.

Spot dolphins at play, pods of whales, eagles soaring overhead, and all the marine life, birds, and land animals of British Columbia's coastal waters under the experienced guidance of Serengeti Charters.

Northern Vancouver Island and the surrounding smaller islands are home to a wide variety of sea and shore species. Aboard the Ms. Heather II or the Ms. Heather III, you'll want to keep your camera ready to capture the dolphins and orcas frolicking beside the boat, the eagles soaring overhead, and the occasional seal or sea lion.

A row of dolphins passes boats during a Serengeti wildlife and whale-watching charter tour.

Whale Watching & more

Resident and transient whale pods inhabit these waters. Your boat tour may give you the unforgettable experience of seeing a super pod of killer whales congregate to feed on salmon. Killer whales are so abundant in the area that it has become a center for the study of the species.

Spot a partially submerged seal during a Serengeti wildlife viewing and whale watching tour off Vancouver Island.

In addition to killer whales, you may see minke whales, gray whales, frolicking dolphins, porpoises, sleek seals and massive sea lions. Seabirds soar overhead or nest on the shore, like the cormorants shown below.

Cormorants on a rocky shore, as photographed during a Serengeti all-inclusive wildlife viewing and whale-watching tour.

If you've always wanted to see eagles in their native habitat, you'll be rewarded by seeing these majestic raptors overhead, in the trees, or perched on rocky shoreline cliffs. All of the following photos were taken by Serengeti clients.

Five images of eagles taken by Serengeti clients during their all-inclusive charter fishing or wildlife viewing - whale watching tours.

On the shore you can see black bears, grizzly bears in the mainland inlets, blacktail deer, sea otters and many species of seabirds.

Two divers soar over the Serengeti charter fishing boat during a wildlife viewing - whale watching tour off Vancouver Island.

With Serengeti Charters, you can also arrange a land tour to view Roosevelt Elk, the huge, world-famous black bears of Vancouver Island, Columbian blacktail deer, bald eagles, golden eagles, and countless species of birds - including the 'divers' shown above - all amid some of the world's most spectacular scenery.

Catch a glimpse of the many bird species on Vancouver Island during a Serengeti all-inclusive wildlife - whale watching charter.

When you book a whale watching or wildlife viewing charter with Serengeti, your accommodation and meals are included. At night you'll sleep under a down duvet in a beautifully appointed room. At the end of the day, as you watch the wake trailing you home, you'll be savoring the experience of a lifetime - made even better by the hospitality of Serengeti Charters.

Explore Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands aboard a charter fishing trip or wildlife viewing - whale watching tour with Serengeti Fishing Charters.

Click here to contact Serengeti and book your unforgettable excursion to the beautiful, wild west coast islands of British Columbia.


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